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    El transporte masivo en Colombia está en la cuerda floja

    Mass transit in Colombia is out of pace with demand in various cities. The Colombian Department of Infrastructure, (Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura) recently released a study that criticises the national mass transit system (Sistemas Integrados de Transporte Masivo) for failing to meet the demand of projected use.

    The vice-minister of transportation, Felipe Targa, proposed a comprehensive plan for the system to be enacted in 2012, arguing for sustainable urban development in conjunction with expanded investment in mass transit.

    In Bogota, the most famous example of bus-rapid transit investment, 1.7 million passengers are overtaxing the BRT system. A call for improvements to phases I and II of the TransMilenio are being proposed, while a phase III plan that would expand to integrate with its regional partner cities.

    Original Spanish language El Tiempo article here.