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    Andreas Schafer: Transportation in a Climate Constrained World

    Andreas Schafer, director of the Martin Center for Architectural and Urban Studies at the University of Cambridge, discusses the growing impacts of transportation on global climate change due to economic growth and the desire for personal mobility while attempting to answer the question of whether the combined influence of alternative technologies, changing social patterns, and new policies can create a sustainable transportation system.

    Geo-engineering to slow global warming: David Keith on

    Keith et al. (2005): “the Earth is already so transformed by human actions that it is, in effect, a human artifact.” So, what is natural and what is unnatural?

    Environmental scientist David Keith talks about a cheap, effective, shocking solution to climate change: What if we injected a huge cloud of particles into the atmosphere, to deflect sunlight and heat? As an emergency measure to slow a melting ice cap, it could work. Keith discusses why geo-engineering like this is a good idea, why it’s a terrible one — and who, despite the cost, might be tempted to use it. (Recorded September 2007 in New York City. Duration: 16:04.)