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    The Energy Challenge

    the U.K.'s energy challenges are much like America's energy challenges, and this video is an entertaining bite into the dynamics of solving the needs of our energy future.


    2013 MIT Energy Conference: From Idea to Impact

    The energy problem is not a technology problem, a political problem, an economic problem, a social problem, a psychological problem -- it's all these things combined. And MIT's newly minted U.S. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, former Director of the MIT Energy Initiative tells us much more in this provocative promotional video.

    Valued for our independence, strength in fundamental research, and entrepreneurial track record, MIT provides a unique setting for the fact-based discussions we need to transcend today’s most pressing energy challenges.

    The MIT Energy Conference is an annual two-day conference that brings together leaders in industry, academia, government, and finance to deliver critical knowledge and independent analysis on emerging trends in energy technologies, policies, and markets.


    Learn to Code

    This is a great video with insights about computer science and use that will be the wave of the next two generations. Look for the cool clips of transportation vehicles.

    Infographic: Why Drive Electric?

    Global energy consumption is expected to increase 53 percent by 2035 and much of the new demand is from an increase in vehicles on the road. View our infographic to learn why electric vehicles are key to reducing dependence on petroleum and to strengthening our national security.


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    States Ask Detroit: 'Build Us A Natural Gas Car, Please'

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