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    In 2011 when just under 7 billion people lived in the world, the United Nations population division estimated that the world would most likely have 9.3 billion people by the year 2050.

    For these reasons and more, I became dedicated to the management of strategic policies and programs for smarter buildings, transportation, and energy distribution/generation systems.

    I help drive strategic, high quality links between sustainability initiatives and financial performance and financial outcomes. 

    My creative and analytical expertise can help translate smart business decisions into more efficient operations managing usage of energy, water, raw materials.


    Fernando is a graduate of Columbia University, with master's degrees in Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy [MPA_ESP] from the School of International and Public Affairs [SIPA] and in Architecture and Urban Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation [GSAPP].

    Formerly a practicing architect and military technician in both the U.S. Army and Navy, his combined skill set in management, environmental and energy policy, and urban systems prepared him to help shape the business case for sustainability initiatives of all types that can drive value from revenue growth (through new business models or services), cost reductions, brand enhancement and risk management.