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    Cycles Gone Right


    Regional Park Systems Can Mitigate Rising Currents

    Ocean Beach, Staten Island - A coastal recreation area serving just under 500K residents of Staten Island, Ocean Beach is threatened by a situational confluence: the ebb and flow between conflicting forces of water and places of risk.

    These coastal recreation areas are natural catch basins for water runoff. They help to protect both the urban landscape and the situational context of coastal areas. These regional recreation areas are essential th the sustainability of the Ocean Beach community, and serve to demonstrate the practical application of recreation sytems to balance rising water levels and population occupation of urban landscapes.


    Keep Courts Out of Climate Policy, G.O.P. Lawmakers Say

    Three leading Republicans in Congress filed a brief with the Supreme Court late Monday asking the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that allowed several states and environmental groups to sue electric utilities over their global warming emissions.

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    Impact of Pole Shift and Equator Relocation: FEMA and United Nations Coalition Policy Development

    In line with the events surrounding 2012 and the probability of a shift of our magnetic poles at that time, I have conjectured the probable location of the future equator and its implications.

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